deped order .s. 42 2007

deped order .s. 42 2007

DO No. 42, s. 2007 Department of Education

enclosure to deped order no. 42, s. 2007 the revised guidelines on selection, promotion and designation of school heads 1. leadership framework


... DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2007 for School Heads and DepEd Order No. 66, s. 2007 for Supervisors. Dr. Javier used DepEd Order No. 66, s. 2007 on her discussion as ...

DIVISION MEMORANDUM 14'2 s DepEd Division Office

. positions as per DepEd Order No. 42,s. 2007.. 4. Immediate and wide dissemination ofthisMemor3J1dum is desired. 03A41Memo12013 . ... DepEd ~ORANDUM . No. 09 ,s.


selection for promotion or designation as school head as per DepEd Order no. 42 s. 2007. Immediate and wide dissemination ofthis Memorandum is desired . . DO~ANAN.

in their respective schools, they have to follow DepED Order 42 s 2007 REVISED GUIDELINES ON SELECTION, PROMOTION AND DESIGNATION OF SCHOOL HEADS

Applicants should meet thc following Qualification Standards as per DepED Order No. 39, 2007, to wit Item Nos ... will be based on DepEd Orders No.39, and No. 42 s. 2007

DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2007 DepEd Order No. 10, s. 1979 DepEd Order No. 66, s. 2007 the Division of Bataan, hereunder is the schedule of ranking: Date sept 23,

to DepEd Order 42, s. 2007 and DepEd Order 39, s.2007, on or before July 1 1, 2014. For information and immediate dissemination. ESPERANZA L. LAVA, Ph.D CESOV